A Love Affair With The Night


I have always had a love for the night. Ever since I can remember. Everything is calmer then. Everything is darkly comforting. No blinding lights to hamper my eyes. I’ve always had a lot more energy at night as well. When my kids were little, that is when I would do my housework. If it were just me and my husband, I would still be doing my housework at night. I can concentrate better. I am more easily motivated. I am awake!

I’ve never been one to sleep well. I sleep better in the day. In a curtained room. There is something soothing about light coming through the edges of the drapes, our through the slots of the mini-blinds that comforts me into a slumber. That and rain. I love the sound of rain on the street. And the sound of waves crashing. If I ever lived close enough to a beach, I would sleep with my windows open so I could hear that soothing sound….

But I digress. I’m talking about the night. I also love driving at night as opposed to driving during the day. Much less traffic. However, these days I don’t dare do it because I can’t see. I’m ok to go somewhere here in town, I know where I am going; I know where to stop, what to look out for, etc etc…

Tonight I was the most productive I’ve been today. Once the sun went down, I made dinner. Did dishes. Made 2 batches of muffins. Made a pitcher of tea for me and a pitcher of pink lemonade for the kids. If I had a working dryer, I’d be doing laundry right now. I love doing laundry at night. Hell, I love doing anything at night. I just really do. And I don’t know how this fascination comes about.

Do any of you function better at night? Do any of you love the night as much as I do?


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