Pdoc Appt Today

I have a pdoc appointment today to check in and see how the Wellbutrin is doing. I am happy to say it has helped immensely. However, I’m hoping I don’t get popped with a drug test. I did a bad thing a couple of weeks ago. When I went to stay with my best friend, we smoked some pot. The sucky thing is, I didn’t even get high. I don’t know if it was bad pot or if it was my meds counteracting the high, or both. My friend however was high.

There is no excuse for what I did. So if I do have to take a piss test, I’m just going to have to own up to it. I have no idea what is going to happen if I test dirty. Never had it happen before.

I do know, I won’t be attempting to get high again. It was a waste for me.

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