Just an update

Just an update since I haven’t blogged anything as of late.

Bipolar wise I am doing great. Nice and stable. No anxiety. Motivated and functional. I like it this way, but….. I know it will only last for so long. Instead of waiting for the hammer to drop, I’m just enjoying this while I can. Hopefully this will continue while the in-laws are here for the holidays. It would be nice to not have to pop extra anxiety pills. But in the in-between time, I am working on getting my house ready for guests. Hopefully next week we can get our living room carpet cleaned. It is horrible.

I’ve started my shopping. Although I’m a bit annoyed. I sent out our wish lists to the family the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and requested they send me theirs asap so I can get things purchased and shipped in a timely manner. No lists have been sent to me. And here is where the real me comes out…. instead of getting anxious about this, I have taken the “fuck it” attitude. If their gifts don’t get shipped in time, too fucking bad. They should have sent me their lists when I asked. See, that is the REAL me. I’m a crotchety old thing. LOL

Upon my husband’s strong suggestion, I signed up to be a dog walker/pet sitter, for a place called Rover. They do a background check (which I am not worried about) and a credit check (which I AM worried about) and then they decide if they want to hire you. By the way you have to pay for the background check. Anyway, I am hoping that they give me the green light. This would be a great way for me to bring in some income and play with doggies, which I love, AND would be great therapy for me.

I sent my father in law an email about the husbands new drinking habits, just keeping him updated on the situation as this is something we have talked about in the past. I’m a little disappointed that I have not heard back from him about this. At first I was constantly checking my email for a response, but nothing came. So after about 3 days, I came to the realization that he isn’t going to respond. *shrugs*

That is what has been going on with me. 🙂 Hope you all have a pleasurable weekend.


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