I have PTSD along with everything else. It happened because I went through literal hell during a custody battle. I was stalked, I was followed, I was falsely accused of breaking and entering, I was falsely accused of child abuse, and also of doing and buying drugs. My daughter’s father is a horrible guy and crazy as a shit-house rat. We even had to do a psychological profile for court, and I don’t know how, but he passed with flying colors.

During the two years we battled, and through the years of visitation, I was constantly going to court. He was always dragging my ass to court for something. Those were horrible times.

My PTSD stays at bay for the most part but my triggers are: yelling, pager/beeper sounds, and courthouses.

I happened to get called for Jury duty again. In the past 3 years this is the 5th time I have been called. My husband has NEVER been called. I usually end up getting out of it either by traumtic experiences that I can not be a fair and partial juror, or because they had too many jurors. This time I have to go to the court in my city. So, it’s not too bad, but it will still trigger my PTSD.

When I got the paperwork to serve, it stated on there that you could get a doctors note if you couldn’t serve, but you had only 7 days to get that note back to the court. As many of you know and understand, 7 days is not feasible to get your pdoc to do something. At least not in my clinic. So, I will suffer with anxiety by being in a court room. I’m hoping when I call to check on services today, that they say jurors are not needed at this time. But if not, I will have to serve for only 2-3 days, as this court only hears misdemeanor cases.

Still, everything is going to come rushing back and I am going to be sick over this. I know I will get through it, but just knowing what is going to happen to me during this is horrible.


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