Relief! Finally!

Thankfully I woke up today and I’m feeling no mania…. so far. I’m pretty sure if it was still sticking around I would be feeling it right now, but I just feel… normal. Thankfully that only lasted 2 days!

Christmas shopping is done! It is going to be a very small christmas, but all the kids got high ticket items so they only get one or two gifts a piece from us. I feel bad, but it is what it is. I’m debating on whether or not to get my husband his gift or not. I want to turn on his satellite radio in his car, but I’m not sure he would appreciate it to its fullest extent. And then he will feel like crap because he didn’t get me anything and I’m not trying to make him feel crappy, I just want to show him appreciation for everything he has done and put up with. If I decide to do it, I’m waiting until closer to Christmas.

But the important part of this post is that I feel 100% better. No mania. YAY!


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