Music Tames the Savage Beast

This is a music related post. Mostly. A few days ago, I had a couple days of mania and I turned to music. It was the only thing that could get the noise out of my head, aside from banging my head against a wall. Nothing was loud enough, but I got through it.

Tonight I am sitting here, mulling over all of the things I need to get done before the in-laws come. I had a busy and productive day today; got my hair cut, ran to the grocery, sent off a package, got some light house work taken care of and need to start on laundry, do dishes, and I promised the kids I would make some cookies.

It seems as though my mind is starting to spin out of control again. And hopefully I have a hold on this. And then I remembered some old music that sounded perfect to listen to that would calm me down.

I was catching an episode of Austin City Limits, and the performer for the night was a fella by the name of David Gray. He blew me away and ever since then, I have tried to keep tabs on his stuff.

Tonight this is exactly what I needed. I hope you like it.




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