A nicely made bed

There is nothing more comforting then getting in a nicely made bed. One of my gifts from my mother, was a nice chenille bed spread. And as I was making my bed tonight, I thought about how comforting it is to get in a nicely made bed. Slipping into the crisp sheets, nicely tucked in to the bed… it is just heavenly.

It was then that I thought of a silly new years resolution for myself. I vow to make my bed every day. I have a bad habit of not making it very often. Sometimes I just throw the blankets over to not make it look so messy. However, there are some days where I am feeling a little OCD and I have to make my bed or else it will drive me bonkers.

But this simple task, really makes me feel good inside. Not really the task of making it, but the getting into bed after a long day. It’s just nice to me. And if I can do one simple thing to make me feel good, then why not try and make a good habit out of it.


3 thoughts on “A nicely made bed”

  1. I love a freshly made bed, but rarely make it myself. It was not something my mom taught me. What I like most is if Maurice wakes up after I do because he’ll make it. If I wake last it doesn’t get made. My New Years resolution is to always wake up before him.

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