Everybody Is A Writer



This morning I decided I am going to write a book. I kind of feel so cliche about it, because it seems like everyone is writing a book these days. But I am going to hold myself to this. I think it would do me good to start and finish something. I haven’t completed an idea since my manic days.

In my manic days (aka the beginning of my diagnosis) I could hyper focus on something and stick with it and complete it. Most of the time I was designing webpages or writing content for them. I remember what accomplishment feels like, and I want to feel it again.

I have an idea for my book, and I am fleshing it out, but I am not ready to disclose the idea of it, other than it will be about bipolar disorder. After all, it’s what I know, and they say “write what you know”. I have only told one person about the concept; a dear friend of mine that I met several years ago on a bipolar messageboard that I used to moderate.

Seems as though the best time for me to write is in the mornings. I wanted to take some time tonight to get some writing down, but I just can’t, my mind is too busy and I can’t focus on one thing. I am blaming it on the coffee I had today. I did over do it today, but only because we are out of decaf. Thankfully tomorrow is shopping day. Which means I will have to put writing off until Saturday. But that will give me some time to find a user-friendly, free/opensource, manuscript editor. I downloaded one today, and it just isn’t user-friendly enough for me.

By the by, I’m not telling anyone in my physical life about this little project. Because they won’t believe in me, and it will discourage me, and I will quit. So this is all me. I hope to keep the motivation going, and I hope to complete it, even if it never gets published. But what good is it if I don’t publish it? I’m not worrying about all that right now. I’m just going to move forward. Keeping my little secret, until I am finished, and then drop the news.

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