Movin Right Along

I wrote 400 words this morning! Not much, and if I stay at this pace, it is going to take me FOREVER to get this rough draft done! But I’m not letting it get me down. I did what I could do, and maybe tonight I’ll write some more, and if not, there is always tomorrow.

I also got a hold of the Dr’s office this morning to tell them that they fucked up. But I did it nicely. 🙂 The receptionist said she would take care of it. And to dot my i’s and cross my t’s, I wrote a grievance to the insurance company letting them know that I did not agree with their decision. I also let them know that I contacted the doctors office and that they would be getting in touch with them to rectify the non issuance of information, but just in case they didn’t, I wanted to file a grievance.

I swear, between running around or biding my time for medication Prior Authorizations, and calling everyone to find out why they haven’t given the right information, and calling the insurance company to find out why they are not covering stuff, I think I should get a discount on my insurance! I seem to be doing a lot of work!

Mood wise I am ok today. I am glad I waited to call the doctors office, because I certainly needed time to cool off. I didn’t do too much around the house today because my hip is giving me some problems, so it hurts to stand and walk. But I did get dishes done and my bed made. The rest will have to wait until tomorrow.


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