Some people!



I saw this on facebook today. It was posted by a healthy eating page. I think it is ridiculous and what a major part of the stigma we have to fight is. Fresh air and rolling hills is an antidepressant, sure. While the vitamin d that you get from the sunshine can help, I would hardly call it an antidepressant. This is what I posted in regards to this image:

disagree. I’m on that “shit” and if I wasn’t I might not be around. A green pasture isn’t going to cure me of depression. Medication isn’t going to cure it either, but it sure makes life livable, and I think my family is grateful for that!

Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it! This kind of crap really pisses me off. And I think it is damaging to call medication “shit”. A lot of us are very sensitive about being on medication, and to call it shit can send the wrong message to someone who is already feeling low.


One thought on “Some people!”

  1. Ah yes the school of “if you think positive enough then it will go away” thought. Pleasant dinner conversation but nothing more than fluff.

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