Silence isn’t always golden

I abhor silence. I always have. Sometimes it scares me, other times it annoys me; hearing every. single. thing. The clock ticking, the dryer running, the kids playing outside, the dog’s tags jingling. The clicks of my husband’s mouse and the clickety clack of the keys on his computer. I’m hearing all of this at once. Most of all I hate the white noise that I always hear. I can’t describe what it sounds like. Kind of like air, but with sound, if that makes any sense? Probably not. Like I said, I can’t describe it. Kind of like a hissing noise, without the hiss.

On the other side of the coin, I do enjoy silence. At times and not often.

I had been listening to music this morning, tired to take a nap while watching some tv but nothing helped. I’m just having serious overload today. I don’t have the tv on because there is nothing on worth watching. Maybe I will do some reading. If I was showered, I would take a trip to the library, I’ve been wanting to go for a few days now, just for a change of scenery.



One thought on “Silence isn’t always golden”

  1. When I meditate I prefer silence but usually I have some sort of noise around the house. My wife also like to have some noise so I just got her the Amazon Tap and she can play music in whatever room she is in or jam it loud enough to hear all over the house, lol.

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