I made it (We all knew I would)

I made it through my puny 4 hour shift. Still had anxiety though even while I was there, but it wasn’t full blown, it was mild. Only had a class of 4 today, but the two kids I was paired with the better part of the afternoon really ran me ragged! It can be difficult and intimidating when you are in charge of a special needs kid that you don’t know and have never been around, because you don’t have an understanding of their communication process. I find that the most challenging. But I seem to get better with finding a way every time I am in a class. Luckily there were 3 other teachers there today to help out (most of these students required 1 on 1 care) and give me suggestions when I looked like a deer caught in headlights. I am home to late to call and inquire about the bus aid position, but I will be calling tomorrow and getting more info. I am really hoping they have just an afternoon position available, because I can’t do mornings since I have one left that I have to help get ready and off to school in the mornings.

Sorry for the freak out posts I made that were induced by anxiety. I just get so worked up and posting about it is the only way I can get the feelings out.


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