Please Remember

Please remember that there are actually some people that have Bipolar Disorder that NEED an antidepressant! I get so irritated when I come across saying “Oh, you must not have bipolar if you are on an anti depressant.” or “It is not safe for someone who is bipolar to be on an antidepressant”

Let us remember there are a few different types of bipolar. 2 of them have extreme bouts of depression.

Don’t shame people for being on an anti depressant – and yes, this is a type of shaming, because you are basically denying their diagnosis.



4 thoughts on “Please Remember”

    1. I don’t know what is worse, stigma coming from people with or without bipolar. It really breaks my heart when it happens within the community. 😦

  1. Most people do not realize the “cocktail med” that has to be taken to properly balance all of the symptoms. When I first started educating myself about my wife’s bipolar disorder, it was a surprise for me.

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