I’ve noticed some people in the BP community like to say they are in recovery. At first I kinda liked the idea of that term, but the more I think about it, the more I don’t.

Recovery implies that there is a “final destination” if you will.

Does a diabetic say they are in recovery? No. Because they are constantly taking care of their illness.

Bipolar is not like alcoholism. There is no end. You can’t say “I’m a recovering bipolar” and have it make any sense what so ever.

We are constantly battling our demons, taking meds, and/or going to therapy. There is no end in sight, it is a life-long journey of quite literally highs and lows.

So I don’t think the term “In Recovery” makes any sense.

If someone reading this does use this term, perhaps you can explain to me why you use the term so I can gain a better understanding.


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