Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder

I bet you didn’t know there was such a thing did you? There is, and I have it. With the Spring like weather the past week, and more headed our way this week (71 on Friday is expected! Hello, winter? Are you home???) I have been sad and sluggish. But there have been points that it has made my mind buzz, and most days it does. I guess that counts as a mixed episode? Whatever the case maybe, I’ve been fucked up.

Kids were off of school today and the house has been very quiet. I managed to get the dishes done and move the laundry basket from the living room, to my bedroom. My mind wants to get my summer clothes out of the attic tonight, my body says “no… lets just not.” I’m just very mellow today, moving at a snails pace.

here is a link on Reverse SAD if you want to learn about it.

And I am ending this post with an image of Sadness. From the Disney/Pixar movie INSIDE OUT. Because well, it’s how I’m feeling.




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