The Ride

Yesterday was a trip. I thought I could heal people. And I thought I was put on this earth to heal people. And I wanted to start a couple businesses. I wanted to clean out my kitchen cupboards and wash walls, just to name a few things that were going on in that ol noggin of mine. Today I am perfectly fine. So… two weeks of sadness, one day of mania, then bam! Normal. I guess this is my life. I’m just glad I stayed home yesterday, because I could have really gotten myself into some trouble if I was out and about in the state of mind I was in.

Did our Federal taxes today. We owe. Which is so depressing because I had plans for our return like paying my son’s school fees so he can graduate and buy his senior pictures. So…. now I gotta figure another way to do that. I have to do our state return, I think I will do that on Monday when the kids are in school.

Tuesday I see the pdoc.

Friday is going to be busy. It is shopping day (cha-ching!), and my mom is signing over her truck to me, so I have to also go to the title office to get the title put in my name (cha-ching!), and then to the DMV to get new plates (cha-ching!). Really stupid, they make you get 30 day tags, then they make you buy permanent tags. I guess that is how the state gets money. I may hold off and do that running on the following Monday so I am not over doing it on Friday. Hopefully Friday the hubby and I will go out for drinks. He wanted to take me yesterday, but I said no because we didn’t have the money to go out. (I’m proud that I was able to do that and stick with it, because I kept thinking we should go out anyway — who cares! It’s just money!)

1 thought on “The Ride”

  1. I understand why some people enjoy their mania. Oh and yea…it is just money and you deserve a treat every now and then!

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