How low can ya go?

So this is day three of the increase. I have yet to take my dose yet today — not hungry so I’ll probably take it with a bottle of Ensure. Day one and two I was doing good. Even slept all night last night! But here I am feeling low again. This crap is for the birds! I know I need to give this time to work and I am, I just wasn’t expecting two good days, then a crappy one.

On Tuesday I asked my bff on Facebook if she worked this weekend and if not I wanted to spend the night. I haven’t seen her since November. She texted me and said she would ask her hubby if he had any plans. That is the last I have heard from her. So I’m guessing she doesn’t wanna hang out with me. I need to find some friends.

Husband is gone tonight so I have to entertain myself somehow. I guess if there is nothing on tv I will work on reading the book I’m working on getting through: The Overcoat and other short stories by Nikoli Gogol. It is a sub-par read, but I’m trying to commit to it.



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