Social Calendar?

Wow. In the first time in YEARS (maybe even… ever?) My social calendar is full. I only have two things planned, but for me that is full. And I have a little anxiety because I want to make sure I leave for my friends house at 7, and my husband and I are going out to dinner in about 20 minutes. And it is going to be dark when I leave to go to my friends house — I have terrible night blindness. But I’m trying not to let the anxiety get the best of me. I’m breathing through it and talking myself down.

I went to the store and did grocery shopping today. When I got home I realized I forgot to get dishwasher tabs and hamburgers. This weekend I have to take my daughter dress shopping for the Father Daughter dance next week. I dyed my hair. Nothing crazy. I’m naturally blonde and I dye my hair…. blonde. It turned a dirty blonde in the cold months and it makes me look bad, so I dye it light blonde (my natural color).


I am feeling better today. No nap today either, so I hope I am decent company tonight.



2 thoughts on “Social Calendar?”

  1. I have yet to have a “successful” shopping trip where I got everything. *shrug* You know what they say in Russia?! Shitski Happenski.


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