Adventures in the Universe

Today has been a funny Monday so far.

I had to get the truck title switched over to my name, so I headed out after the last kid departed for school. I get to the city offices to find out I have to go into Xenia to get my title stuff taken care off, as there is no longer a title bureau in my city or the next one over. So I take a 30 minute car ride, in the rain and fog, into areas of Xenia I have never been and reached my destination with the help of my Garmin.

I go in and get my title taken care of and then I went across the hall to the DMV to get my new plates. I come home and then get the plates prepared to put on the truck. And then I had a good chuckle. Um, the numbers on my plate are 5150. If you don’t know what a 5150 is, it is an involuntary psychiatric hold. The other part of my plate is HCL, which is the compound hydrochloric acid, which is a compound that happens to be in many psych meds. (ex. bupropion HCl {welbutrin}, lurisidone HCl {latuda}) I certainly have my plate memorized now. And everyone can see crazy coming! That was a good one Universe, I appreciate your sense of humor and irony.

*sidebar* 5150 is also the title of a Van Halen album – the first one as VanHagar.


In other news, I am in good spirits and have motivation. Trying to sit and relax for a bit, but I have to keep getting up and do stuff. I’ve done dishes, been to the store, changed light bulbs, and now I am getting ready to clean the house. It is irritating me, it is a bit cluttered and irritating my OCD tendencies.

Anything funny or ironic happen to you today?



2 thoughts on “Adventures in the Universe”

  1. Interesting, I never knew that about 5150! Take a look at my last post if you want a little giggle. 😉

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