Online Therapy

Has anyone done online therapy? Like with a professional through one of the many counseling services available online these days? I’ve done some research and have found that there is some discussion that it is not as good as regular talk therapy because you need the person to person interaction and it is believed to further the stigma of mental illness touting that “it is easier than ever to seek the help you need privately”.

I dunno, I was just kind of looking for opinions on this. I was thinking about possibly trying it when I get the urge to go through therapy again. For me, it would be easier to find someone online then trying to find someone in a real office that my insurance would cover.

9 thoughts on “Online Therapy”

  1. While I have never done it I would say at the very least give it a try. Have you also looked for local support groups, those are typically free?

    1. all the support groups are in the larger cities that I will not drive to due to distance. I can’t drive an hour each way to a meeting. I had thought about setting one up here in my area, but then the responsibility that comes with doing that kind of freaked me out.

      1. I actually kind of think of my blog stuff as a support group of sorts. Between my readers, and me reading other blogs, it really helps a lot.

  2. While I have not tried it I gave some options to another blogger a few months back. I’ve tried posting the links in this reply but it doesn’t work. If you goto my post “Manchester By the Sea” film review ..you can find it faster by clicking on film and it’s the first post…go down to replies and there are some links there for some online therapy, some are free and some are not. Not sure if any will be helpful but just thought I’d share.

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