Sensory Processing and Sleep Quality

I found this informative article (part 2, I haven’t seen part 1) from Psych Central on sleep and bipolar. You can read it here.

It kind of gave me some new hope on tackling my sleep issues. I am going to have to remember this article and share it with my pdoc. According to this written piece,  I apparently have hypersensitivity, which is a combo of all the sleep problems. Maybe, knowing this, we can find a different approach to combating my sleep problems. I did my pills this morning, and I did not include my sleep med for the week. Tonight will be the first night NOT taking a sleeping pill. I told myself that I will try not taking it, but if I lay there for hours on end, I have my pills on my bedside table, so I can just take one if I need to.


2 thoughts on “Sensory Processing and Sleep Quality”

    1. Well, it has been two nights now without them, and I haven’t noticed any difference off of them. I’m still getting lackluster sleep. So might as well not take them if they re doing no good, right?

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