It’s all wrong!

I have come across this time and time again. People with bipolar under the illusion that you can’t be on an antidepressant if you have bipolar disorder. If you are, you have a stupid doctor because all antidepressants cause mania.


no. they. don’t.

How can we possibly break the stigma that the world has about people with mental illness, if people in our own community is misinformed?!?!? We have to understand us before we expect people to. And when you correct someone they make you out to be some kind of asshole.

Good Lord.


3 thoughts on “It’s all wrong!”

  1. You highlight why it is so important to be your own self advocate, educate yourself and to find a medical professional that you absolutely trust.

    1. For people who suffer from Bipolar type 1, and antidepressant is not a good idea, because it can cause mania. But the point is, people assume that either there is only one kind of bipolar to treat, or that everyone has the same type. People with bipolar type 2 CAN benefit from an antidepressant because we don’t generally have fullblown manic states. It is just one of my pet peeves. LOL

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