At A Cross Roads

The past couple of days I have been thinking about my sexuality. Now, I do have past experience with being with a woman, so it is not that I am “curious” at this point. I have had this urge the past couple of days about being with a woman. Which spidered into a whole thought process.

Mania Ahead?

Looking for something?

What are you missing?

What do you need?

Are you happy?


These are things I ask myself. And then, how in the heck do I put myself out there to look for someone? “Yes, I’m married, but interested in being in a relationship with a woman, how do you feel about that?” I mean, is that even an option on a dating site? And do I go to a dating site or do I just keep my eye out for when I am out and about? Or… do I not just do anything? And then what if I find out that I am happier being with a woman than a man?

4 thoughts on “At A Cross Roads”

  1. While I believe that love has no boundaries be mindful that mania can cross a lot of them with unintended consequences. Sending calming and positive vibes your way.

  2. I would stay away from dating sites. A lot of undesirables use them. Maybe go to a local bar or club for a night. Or join a group and try to meet someone, like an lgbt group. xxx

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