Small gestures

Tonight is date-night. We are going to our normal place; The Wandering Griffin.

B came home around noon today from work. I went over what I bought at the grocery and told him that I would need to go back because they didn’t really have anything in the way of meat. I let him know that I paid on our son’s school fees and that I paid on the lunch cards and on my prescription bill. He then ran through all the bills that needed to be paid with this paycheck after I reminded him to pay our car insurance. “The money is all gone.” he said.

So I told him since things were so tight, we can stay home tonight and just wait to go out next payday.

“No. We are going out.”

That simple statement right there warmed my heart. I read between the lines. That says to me that he enjoys spending time with me and enjoys our date night as much as I do.

We also have a hockey game to watch tonight, which I am looking forward to. I don’t think my goalie is playing tonight since he played last night.

So now I have to figure out what to do next. We are supposed to leave in 10 minutes, and B is asleep on the couch. Do I wake him up or let him sleep. Decisions, decisions.


3 thoughts on “Small gestures”

    1. We did have a good date night. We got seated in a different area of the restaurant that we had never sat at before, so that was fun. šŸ™‚

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