I am soaking it all in.

Today hasn’t been too shabby of a day, considering I’ve been busy with housework all day! B was gone all day, so it was just me and the kids. I put a whole chicken in the crock pot and cooked up some rice for dinner. I didn’t eat any of it though, the past few days my appetite hasn’t been the greatest. I have noticed though, my memory is getting worse. I need to keep an eye on this and if it continues or gets worse, I need to speak to the doctor about this.

On B’s way home today, he ordered me my favorite cider from the liquor store. I thought that it was sweet that he special ordered it for me and it will be in Thursday. It’s the small things that I hold onto the tightest some days.

In other news…. I am signed up on a freelance website and I was approached with a job offer. I start my “test assignment” on Monday. If I do well, I just may have a bonefide work from home job! I will be making calls to businesses (as a potential customer) to make sure their customer service is up to par. So I am kind of looking forward to this.

Right now I am freezing cold and headed to bed soon. Need to get up early tomorrow to take my daughter to Sunday school.

I hope the rest of the weekend is good for all of you.


4 thoughts on “:)”

    1. Thanks! Hopefully I do well and they will offer me a permanent position. I’m positive the memory issues are med related. I’m keeping an eye on it though.

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