I’m feeling awkward, raw, and needy today. I don’t know why. The only thing I can think of why is because I thought my friend was mad at me. But turns out she wasn’t. It was just me being over sensitive. She called me today and told me I was being silly. Found out she is looking for a house in my city to rent, so that would be nice if she moved back here. It must be so exhausting being my friend.

I got an email from the company I’m freelancing with, and all of a sudden (now that I have completed a job) they want to make sure I am real, so they want to do a skype session. *sigh* I had a heck of a time getting signed back up with skype. I forgot my password, then they were saying that someone was using my account so I had to change the password that I just changed. I got it all sorted out now, so tomorrow I will contact customer service and do the 5 minute skype call. Oh the anxiety! I had to take my emergency anxiety meds over this. Stupid ridiculous. I hate this. But, it’s my life so I’d better get used to it. Haha!


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