So far, so…. not sure

So I completed my call this morning and filled out the  questionnaire that I needed to. Easy peasy. Waiting to find out how I did. It was due Tuesday, but I completed it early, so hopefully that gives me some extra points.

I tried to get a hold of my best friend yesterday, twice, and she hasn’t returned my calls. I seriously think she is mad at me, but I don’t know why. The only thing I can think of is that she called me on St. Patrick’s day, and I didn’t answer because my phone was charging as it was completely dead. Then her husband called, and I answered because I thought something was wrong. They just wanted me to go out with them, but wouldn’t tell me where they were going. They just wanted to pick me up and surprise me. Unfortunately I had to decline because we had the night slated to transmit our taxes and order my sons Senior pictures. And with the way my husbands schedule had been, this was the only night we could get it done. I know it sounds absurd that she would be mad at me over this, but she isn’t answering my calls and she is not commenting on any of the posts I have made on her wall on Facebook. That sounds silly too, I know, but she always likes what I post, and she hasn’t been, and yet has been posting stuff and liking other peoples stuff. So I have had a hole in my heart and a boulder in my stomach since yesterday. I am going to text her this afternoon and ask her if she is mad at me. I hope I am wrong, but I can’t shake the feeling.

I have to run to the store to pick up a few things and get some gas in my truck since I’m on half a tank finally. I think I will wash sheets and towels today since I don’t have anything else to do.

So it has been a mixed Monday for me so far. I hope it gets better and I hope my best friend isn’t mad at me, because if she is that will throw me into a depressive state. I’ve been doing sooooooooooooooo good, I don’t want to be in the clenches of depression.


2 thoughts on “So far, so…. not sure”

    1. turns out she wasn’t. I get paranoid over silly things. I swear it must be so exhausting being my friend. She has to constantly reassure me of things.

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