3rd floor: ladies apparel, shoes and fragrance

I hate when the anger seeps in. Slithers in like a snake in the grass. Just out of nowhere it rears it’s ugly head. I push it away and push it away, but it is like a ten ton boulder stuck at the bottom of a hill. It won’t budge.

I’m mentally taking note of my feelings the past couple of days. Yesterday I felt awkward and needy. Today the anger slipped in. This all points to a downfall. This all fucking points to depression. I’m tired of dealing with the depression.

I wish it would all go away. Go fuck with someone else, you are not welcome here.

I guess I am going to try and soak all of this away. I have no epsom salts, fucking figures. I’ll make the best of it.

Sorry for all the f-bombs. It’s just how it is right now.


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