yesterdays gone

Oh boy! Yesterday was a doozie! I dunno what my major malfunction was yesterday but man! I went to bed last night planning on staying in bed all day today. But I woke up this morning feeling much better. Hopefully this lasts the day and I don’t end up cycling downward like yesterday.

I did manage to get my bath in. Even though I didn’t have epsom salts, I did light my candle, a stick of nag champa incense, turned the light off, and had my yacht rock playing. I’m so glad I found SOMETHING that I can do that will give me some relief.

I have some tootin around on the internet to do today. First and foremost, I need to see if I can find information on our vision insurance since I need to make an appointment to get my eyes checked. This is new insurance. Although my husband says different. I stopped arguing with him last night about it because it just wasn’t worth losing my shit over. Sometimes he makes me feel like I am going crazy – he doesn’t back down if he feels he is right, and won’t listen to reason or facts. Then it makes me question my sanity. I guess that happens when you are married? I should know, this is my third go of it.

Anyways… I hope you all have a good day/night, where ever you are in the world.

P.S. That skype call was a pain in the ass yesterday. After 5 attempted calls, I finally had to install skype on my phone and do the call that way. All they needed me to verify was my physical address. Seems to me there is a better way to verify that someones account is real and not fake. At least it is over, and I have skype on my phone in case I should ever need it. And for whatever reason, the mic on my laptop doesn’t work anymore after the install of Win 10.


4 thoughts on “yesterdays gone”

    1. I’ll add you. I don’t use it often either, but maybe someday we will both be on at the same time and can chat. 🙂

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