Amazingly enough, today has been a decent day. I’ve felt pretty good today, and I am thankful!

My son is in AP Psychology, and he is writing a paper on OCD. Today he told me that the best way to treat a mental illness is a combination of medication and therapy, and then asked me why I wasn’t in therapy. I told him right now I was good and didn’t feel I needed therapy, but that there were other things to be considered, like how many sessions is insurance going to cover? In the past I had excellent mental health coverage – everything was covered 100% I haven’t read up on what our current coverage is in regards to therapy, and I probably should. Maybe that is what I will do tomorrow, because I also need to look up our vision coverage. It’s time for new glasses. I’m struggling to read anymore.

My cider isn’t in. The distributor was out. So they ordered it again and it should be in next Thursday. Kinda bummed but it is what it is.

3 thoughts on “Amazing”

  1. He does bring up a valid point. Just because you feel “good” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t avail yourself to multiple way to help with your bipolar.

    1. True. And Therapy has been something that has been on my mind the past year or so. There are times that I know I really need it. Other times, not so much. Guess it is time to follow my own advice and be proactive. 🙂

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