6 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Improve Bipolar Disorder

BP Hope published an article that I wanted to share. You can find the article here but I also wanted to talk about it for a bit.

The top thing on the list is Organize your medication. I keep mine in a pill organizer, one for daytime and one for nighttime, by my bed. I don’t take it as soon as I wake up, but I do after the last kid leaves for school, before I let the dog out of her kennel.

The next thing on the list is Don’t believe everything you think. This is a difficult thing for me. I am working on it, but it is so easy to believe what this disorder tells you.

Keep a daily journal. That is what I do here. I find it easier for me to type it out here than to commit to writing everyday. The upside to “journaling” here, is that I might be able to help someone, let them know they are not alone, and I can also get suggestions or support from others that have been or are going through the same thing as me.

Practice mindfulness. This is another thing I am working on. I’m getting better at it. I think it goes hand in hand with not believing everything you think. I practice mindfulness a lot with my anxiety. And recently have incorporated it with my depression. Not easy at all, but I’m working on it.

Create a bedtime routine. This has helped me so much in terms of my insomnia. I make sure I go to bed at the same time every night. Even if I’m not going to sleep right away, I lay in bed and relax. I find that I actually get tired at the same time (bedtime) every night! I have successfully reprogrammed my brain! Did I mention I am off of my sleep meds? This goes back to what I said several blog posts ago, routine is important for people like us. And creating a bedtime routine is so simple! Even on nights when I am wide eyed and not tired at all, I go to bed at the same time. It might take me longer to get to sleep, but I eventually get there. This is a huge accomplishment for me because I had horrible sleep hygiene.

Build a sense of accomplishment. I think this is the most difficult for me, because I have such poor self esteem. I think big too often and associate “accomplishment” with “doing big things”, but the accomplishments can be small, like, YAY I brushed my teeth today when you are going through  a depressive period. Now, when I am manic, I have no problems at all with this, because I am awesome, and I rock, and I get things done all day long. But mania doesn’t visit that often. So I think I could really work on this.


On a completely different subject, I feel I have to reiterate the fact that in order to get the proper care, we NEED to be HONEST and COMMUNICATE with our doctors. I have been reading far too many things about people asking questions about things that need to be openly discussed with their doctors. And if you don’t like your doctors, find new ones!

So, that is my 2 cents for the day. 🙂



8 thoughts on “6 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Improve Bipolar Disorder”

  1. Reblogged this on Just Plain Ol' Vic and commented:
    This is a great post from Iggy and all of the items discussed we do in our household. You really have to do all that you can to minimize the stress bipolar disorder creates in your life.

  2. I really like your advice/suggestions. I’ve been trying to build a sense of accomplishment by blogging here. It actually has helped a lot. I still need to improve things in my life, though.

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