Conversations in my Mind

Another great item from BP Hope. This came across my newsfeed on facebook just now. Please watch this quick video (3 min) or you can read the article too. The video just had me screaming YES! ALL THE YESSES IN THE WORLD!

I am constantly having conversations in my head. CONSTANT. This is the main reason why I have to have the tv on when I go to bed, because the thoughts don’t stop, and I find that tv distracts or drowns them out. Unlike the gentlemen in this video, I can not meditate, because I haven’t learned how to stop the thoughts on my own. Listening to music helps, but depending on my mood, songs can trigger thoughts. This vlogger also talks about reading, but I find that only a REALLY good book will stop the thoughts, otherwise I start questioning why the author has done this or that, or wonder where they found the editor because they did a hack job.

Sometimes, no thoughts at all can be just as annoying and crippling as having constant thoughts.

Do you have constant conversations in YOUR head? Have you found a way to stop or lessen them?



6 thoughts on “Conversations in my Mind”

  1. For me, I have to find a distraction …sketching doesn’t help as the brain is still having those conversations. The only distraction I have found that works for me is exercise and listening to music but it can’t just be any song(s)…I created a playlist. This works for me 95% of the time and only doesn’t when I haven’t slept or I’m going downhill.

    1. Sorry, I sent that prematurely. I forgot the name of the meditation I was going to specifically ask you about..I found it on youtube once. I’ll look around tonight and see if I can find it again. It was geared towards people who distract easily.

    2. I’ve tried meditation on my own in silence and that doesn’t work very well because the mind does what it wants. I have tried visual meditations found on youtube, and while I have found them to be soothing, it just doesn’t cut it. The closet thing I can come to in terms of meditation is listening to Enigma and finding my center. That seems to work. And it is only Enigma that I can listen to and do this with.

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