Yesterday was a good day. I mean not like rainbows and sunshine kinda good. Just good like, I was productive and my mood was stable. My mind WAS kind of racey, but not too bad. I was just thinking about all of these things that I should do, like start running, deep cleaning the house, stuff like that.

Today I started off my day with being harassed by someone in a group I am in on facebook. I was sticking up for someone (I’m a sucker for sticking up for people when I feel that they are being done wrong) and it all ended up in an argument. That kind of set the tone for my day. I was concentrating on not letting that put me in a bad mood. And obviously it worked, because all of my time was spent concentrating on that so I didn’t have time to be pissed anymore about the way this lady treated me.

My youngest stayed home today. In all reality, she could have went to school, but I wanted a day to keep her medicated and knock this cold/allergy stuff out of her. She started medicine on Sunday, but we ran out, so I had to go get more today.

I have all of my windows cracked open, letting the cool breeze air out the house. It is currently 75 out and I have a feeling we will need to be putting air conditioners back in the windows soon. It would be nice if we came into a butt-load of money so we could get new central air, but… ya know. I’m also listening to Explosions in the Sky. It is a musical group. All of their songs are instrumental only, and it is very soothing today. My husband turned me on to them. And now, I’m sharing them with you! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Monday”

    1. my rule of thumb is if you don’t have a fever and you haven’t thrown up, you gotta go to school. But she was up coughing all night and I knew she felt like crap. *shakes fist at allergens*

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