Time for Changes

Monday I started working out again. I had been thinking about it for weeks, and I finally had enough of the procrastination and just did it. The above is my readings from my first work out in a long time. I only got a mile in, but I was at a 5% incline the whole time, so that was good.

I skipped yesterday, since it was shower night for the kids. I like to have a nice cold shower after I work out. So, I worked out tonight. I did even better. I did a mile and a half, again at a 5% incline. I got my pulse up to 150. My GP wants my activity to be at 160 and holding. That is my goal. Baby steps. But I can do it as long as I keep at it. In lieu of working out tomorrow night I will work out during the day when the kids are at school, that way I can get my shower in without interfering with the kids’ shower schedule.

I’m sure this is a boring post. But this is an important milestone for me. I have finally gotten to a place where I am getting active. And now that I am not eating nearly as much, I am hoping this activity will not only improve my moods, but allow me to lose some much needed weight.

Carrying around weight does a lot for your mood. It depresses you. It causes you to become anti-social, and does nothing for your self esteem. These are all the things that I need to conquer in regards to my bipolar life. And since I’ve been in a good place mentally thanks to a good med combo, it is time to get in a good place physically. Am I going to be a skinny minnie? Um, highly doubtful. I’ve never been “skinny” per se, but I have been thinner. My main focus is to start feeling good about myself, and I think this is a step in the right direction.

Once I get to a place where I am comfortable with myself, I would like to give a go at some hot yoga classes. I think it would be great for not only my back(I have arthritis), but hopefully give me some focus and straighten out “the thoughts”.

Wish me luck on keeping the motivation. I’m hoping this is a positive change in my lifestyle.

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