I’m continuing to do well today. I wondered if it was because my kids were home today. I wasn’t alone and left to my own thoughts. Though the thoughts still come. For example, I’ve been thinking about therapy again.

My kindle is charging and when it is done, Ā I will be working out on the treadmill. Something I am looking forward to. I’ve lost 4 pounds since I’ve started working out again. I’ve got 5 more pounds to go til I am back to my weight that I was in October.

I hope this mood continues tomorrow. I feel normal and it feels good. Everything feels so clear. I wish everyone could feel what I am feeling.


8 thoughts on “Good”

  1. Hello,

    I hear that exercise is a good regime for mental health. If you can release the endorphins and stay motivated and on top of your game, you may continue to do well!

    Good luck!


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