I hate to use that word. But it is what it is. I had to run up to the store real quick to get milk for dinner tonight. I also grabbed a couple new tops, bread, and beef broth for tomorrows dinner. I got home, unpacked everything and the beef broth was missing. Now, any normal human being would go back to the store and get the left item. I mean it is literally around the corner from my house. But no, not me. My thought process:”If B can pay for a gym membership that he doesn’t use, then it is certainly ok if I throw away a buck fifty.” What kind of person thinks that way? It is stupid! Why don’t I just go get what I paid for? Thought process “It would take more in gas to go get the beef broth that the beef broth cost”. Why do I do this shit. I’m being so stubborn over this, and there is absolutely no reason to.

I’m not as motivated today as I was yesterday. Today I am bored and want to wallow in my boredom. Again, STUPID! Who does that?

Last night’s workout was rough. I did a mile and a half at 2.7 mph at a 6% incline. 6% is a big difference than 5%. You wouldn’t think so, but I had to push through that mile and a half. I got side aches, but I pushed through. I feel like tonight is going to be rough too. But I gotta do it if I want to lose weight. I’ve been drinking 2-3 water bottles a day.My waterbottle holds 20oz. And you are supposed to drink half your body weight in water…. I need to be drinking more water.

I guess today is just a pisser of  a day for me. I’m not in a horrible mood, but I’m certainly not in the great mood I was in yesterday. Ahh well, such is life.


6 thoughts on “Stupid”

    1. Thanks. I’m really trying to better myself hoping that it will have some affect on my mental health. I’m skipping tonights work out, I have scheduled tv time with my youngest tonight, and to me that is more important.

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