Guilt Trip

I am experiencing extreme guilt, and I don’t know where it came from. I keep doing stuff around the house, and when I stop, I feel guilty. I feel like I am not doing enough. I wonder if it can ever be enough. And so I find something to do again, making mental note of things that I can do after “this”, all the while making mental note to not wear myself out, as I have already given the dogs a bath and experiencing burning back pain from giving the big dog a bath. Have you ever tried lifting a hundred pound dog into a high tub? Not easy! And since I didn’t work out last night, I have to get workout time in, and this work out is 2 miles instead of my regular mile and a half.


So here I am on this “guilt trip” and it really sucks.

11 thoughts on “Guilt Trip”

    1. Thanks. It passed thankfully. One follower experienced this while hypomanic. So I can’t help but wonder if I was on the verge. I’m just glad it is over. It was horrible!

  1. I get this when I am going hypo. For me it is a cycle of thoughts and paranoia about the work I am doing, should be doing, filling the gaps… MUST DO ALL THE THINGS. Thoughts with you.

    1. Interesting. I wonder if I was on the verge of hypo. Because that is exactly how it was. I MUST DO EVERYTHING! *sigh* As I was explaining to another follower, I was experiencing bursts of emotions yesterday. Don’t know what that was all about, because I’ve never experienced that before. Thankfully it has passed!

      1. It can catch me off guard too and often takes someone else to point it out. One day I’ll be grown up and realise it myself… one day…

    1. Indeed it has passed. It was the weirdest thing. Yesterday I was experiencing emotions in short bursts. I’ve never done that before. Strange indeed. I can’t lift my big dog, she has to help herself! I get her front at the top of the tub and then she gets herself in. But I think moving her around in the tub is more difficult, because it is a small space and she is resistant, so it really does a number on my back. My husband usually washes her, but I’ve been waiting for him to do it since DECEMBER! LOL

    1. Not as bad as I normally do. I pretty much have to give her a bath nekkid so my clothes don’t get wet. The bathroom floor was pretty treacherous though.

      1. ‘nekkid’ hehehe. I used to bath my big dogs in the garden with the hose pipe – Jane Fonda had nothing on my workout… chasing galloping hounds around the garden 😀 They thought it was a dodge ’ems game

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