Oh no, Mr. Bill!

Today has been ok… sorta. I’m trying to get sick apparently.  I feel the bronchitis coming on, so I am killing it with vitamin c and garlic. Vitamin c in the way of OJ and oranges, garlic by way of pickles. My body does not like this combo, but my throat is feeling better. I’ve been on the couch all day watching Ancient Aliens trying to rest. I did get to the store, folded some clothes, and now I’m getting ready to put a load of towels in the wash, and make dinner. I had a huge to-do list, but since I’m trying to get sick I decided to take it easy.

B worked from home today so that was nice. And N mowed the lawn.

That’s all.


5 thoughts on “Oh no, Mr. Bill!”

  1. Hope the oranges and garlic do the trick. Try a bit of fresh lemon in water or squeezed over your food. Honey is good for a sore throat. Also breathing deeply from over heated water with a few drops of tea tree oil helps dry the chest up. I get bronchitis a lot. Sometimes this lot helps avoid antibiotics. Take care

    1. I seem to be better than yesterday. Still not 100% but better. I am going to have to keep that tea tree oil tip handy though! Thanks!

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