I ran across a post on facebook today that boiled my blood. This person was saying that medication is a crutch. I went with my better judgement and just kept scrolling. I just don’t understand some people.

I certainly do not see medication as a crutch. I see is as a part of treatment. Maybe there is something wrong with my way of thinking?


7 thoughts on “Crutch?”

  1. Stupid people are entitled to their stupid opinions. BTW you cannot fix stupid and if you try it only makes you look stupider.


  2. For me, my medication allows me to do the other things that help like meditation, exercise, eating properly etc. I don’t think I’d describe it as a crutch though.

    1. glad I’m not alone. Sometimes I can’t but help maybe there is something wrong with the way I think about things because some people have some “different” views on things.

  3. …. so an inhaler for asthma must be a crutch, and high blood pressure tablets a crutch, and antibiotics for the flu must be a crutch, and insulin is a crutch, and tablets for vitamin defeciencies must be a crutch too. Glad you scrolled past Stoopid πŸ™‚

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