Tomorrow is the big day!

My oldest son turns 18 tomorrow! I have no idea why I am so excited. I guess because he is such a good kid and I am super proud of him. Yesterday and today he has been at the University taking his AP exams. I make smart kids. 🙂 He also made the principals list (high school equivalent of Deans List) for his excellent grades. He has a job lined up after he graduates at the end of this month. My daughters boyfriend offered him a job being his assistant and teaching him how to install cable in businesses. He is even going to provide transportation for my son until he gets his license. Then he will be taught how to install computerized phone lines in businesses. He wants to work a year before he starts college. He wants to save some money up, which I can understand. He just doesn’t understand he is still going to need loans to get through college.

Sorry I’m gushing about my son. I’m just proud of him and of myself for raising such a good kid, even though I have a mental illness. And I home schooled him for 2 years with a mental illness. Just goes to show that just because you have a mental illness doesn’t mean you can’t be a good parent.


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