Poster Child for Big Pharma

Oy vey… I feel like I’m the poster child for big pharma. I feel this urge to explain to people that medication are not all bad. I have to remember that I can’t save the world and that I can’t change people’s mind. I just hate the degrading feeling I get when medication is discussed and “Oh! Medication is a death trap! Go natural, you’ll be glad you did!”

If I went all natural, I’d be dead. I went off of meds for a year to go “all natural” and that was the worst decision of my life. I ended up with horrible bouts of depression and anger, and it was a bitch to find the right med combo again. Meds are keeping me alive. I am not having suicidal thoughts anymore, I’m living a life, I can get up in the mornings and function — all because of medication.

I’ve got to learn to let things go.


2 thoughts on “Poster Child for Big Pharma”

  1. Iggie i know how it feels. my family are anti meds. they hat that I have to be on them. they help me though I need them. nevermind what others think. you know your own body. xoxo

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