Another petal of the flower

It is not even funny how quickly a mood can change when you suffer from/live with bipolar. Here I am just scooting along being fine and then BOOM.

Nothing happened to make me feel this way, just this worthless feeling washed over me, and then the self deprecating thoughts multiply and all of a sudden I am a horrible piece of crap that doesn’t deserve anything… thoughts of dying come to mind.

I hate this. I absolutely HATE living my life this way.

I am trying to make a conscious effort to cram all those negative thoughts deep down inside. I need an emotional garbage disposal to grind and pulverize all these crap feelings.

I am going to attempt to feel better and not wallow in my misery like I usually do. I don’t know how, but I will make an attempt.


5 thoughts on “Another petal of the flower”

  1. iggie, i get it. its the same way with did and alters feeling different things and being in different moods at different times. its so hard to deal with. i hear you. sending hugs, xoxo

  2. This sounds terrible. I don’t get low just normal, which seems low compared to the mania. Is there anything nice you can do for yourself today?

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