Bipolar, Not So Much – Book Review

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You’re down. Like, really down. You don’t feel sad. In fact, you don’t feel much of anything. You can’t seem to get going in the morning no matter how much coffee you drink. You haven’t filed your taxes yet this year. You’re not into music anymore. You scroll through Netflix for a half hour but can’t seem to find anything enticing. You’re not sleeping. You’ve been calling off work way too much because sometimes you just … can’t even. Sometimes the idea of suicide pops into your head as if you’ve remembered where you left a hundred dollar bill. An almost orgasmic light goes off in your head – “oh, yeah! There’s a way out! I can kill myself. Thank God I thought of that!”  And lately, on your worst days, there is an obsessive loop that plays in your head for hours on end, forbidding all other thought:…

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