Post Mother’s Day

I spent my day in my night gown all day. I laid in bed and watched Ancient Aliens for a good part of the day. I did get up at 6:45am though. I had planned to just lay in bed, no matter what time I got up, but my husband was snoring and I couldn’t ear the tv. So I got up and made some coffee and watched tv out in the living room.

I got some pretty flowers called Orange Stars. A box of chocolates that I really don’t need between the tooth problem and trying to loose weight, but I accepted them graciously.

The only ones that wished me a Happy Mother’s Day within my household were my 10 year old and my husband. The boys could care less. And the oldest one? Yeah, she sent me a text. It would have been nice to SEE her, especially since they probably went to see her boyfriends mom who lives in the same town I do. but, whatever. I didn’t buy her a house, so I guess she doesn’t feel the need to visit me (ouch! bitter much?) ?but seriously It was an ok day. Especially since I had an even mood.

I also worked out, even though I didn’t want too. But I had too because of my carb intake yesterday. >sigh<

Today I have to start getting the house in order. I think I am going to clean the sun room /  back porch. Tomorrow is my dentist appointment, and while I AM nervous, I can’t wait because this pain is driving me nuts.


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