Uncatagorized states

I don’t know what to call these states I get in. It is like I am agitated, but not to the point of irritability. It is like my mind is racing, yet it is empty at the same time. It is like I am energized yet not. I want to accomplish something but then again I don’t. I’m perplexed. Anyone else get into these states?

Well, I have taken up crochet. I’m not good at it, but it helps my mind stay focused on something and keeps the bad thoughts at bay. So, I have another tool to add to my arsenal. My mom is a master of crochet. I hope to be as good as her one day. My husband knits. He just taught himself how to do it and he does it well. Right now I am working on making squares. I’m not sure if they will be hot pads, pot holders, or if I will just make a bunch and then sew them together as a blanket. The possibilities are endless. But most importantly, it helps relieve stress, anxiety, and stops the bad thoughts. The only bad thing is that it causes my hand to cramp.


But seriously, if you know what these mystery states are that I get into, can you give me a clue. It’s driving me batty.


4 thoughts on “Uncatagorized states”

  1. It may be a mixed episode. One of my new years resolutions was to learn to crochet. I’ve downloaded a whole lot of how-to videos, bought all the equipment, then ran out of steam. But I still have 6 and a bit months to go. Post your progress – I love to see it

    1. I’ve learned that I am doing something between single and double crochet. I guess I made up my own stitch. LOL So when I have the opportunity and the ability to sit down and focus I am going to go through different tutorials and learn and practice as many different stitches as I can. I would love to make a granny square blanket, just don’t know if I have to attention span to do it. I will post progress. 🙂

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