dance, monkey, dance!

It’s been one of those days. I need someone to entertain me. I’m bored and tired of entertaining myself. I’ve watched tv (mostly food shows, nothing much is on today), checked FB, crochet, looked at crochet tutorials, read wordpress, done laundry, and have entirely too much coffee. I really want to go shopping at the thrift store. But I can’t see if we have money for that because the bank website is down for maintenance until 8 tonight. Who does that? That is such an inconvenience. Most people use online banking on the weekends because they go shopping and pay bills, but no. We are going to preform maintenance during heavy traffic hours. You can all wait until 8 tonight.

I’m just a bundle of joy today. I’ve been up since 20 after 6.

So. Fucking. Bored.


Guess I will clean.


7 thoughts on “dance, monkey, dance!”

      1. I put my clothes away and then I decided I’d just rather do nothing and bitch about being bored. LOL I’ll tackle the room tomorrow….HAHA

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