Big Week (Part 1)

Today marks Day – 1 of my Big Week.

My son is graduating Friday, my in-laws will be here Thursday, which means I have 3 days to get my house in tip-top shape. Not like I live in a pig sty, but the OCD part of me likes to have everything clean and shiny for guests, even if they are family.

Yesterday I focused on my room. Of course, as my life is now, this caused me great pain (thank you fibromyalgia). After being in pain for 3 hours, I remembered I have a TENs unit for such instances. Sadly, this didn’t help. I took my additional fibro meds for break-through pain, and they didn’t work either.

Today I focused on the kitchen. This entailed cleaning the oven, counters, cupboards, appliances, and floors. I still need to clean out the refrigerator, but I am waiting until after dinner. Again, I was struck with unrelenting pain. So, I decided to take a vicoden (hydrocodone) that the dentist had given me for pain that I had not used yet. Imagine that, it killed the pain.

This is something that really troubles me. People need pain meds, but addicts have ruined it for the people who need it. They are cracking down A LOT here in the US on opioides because so many people over dose on them. And people like me, who need them, can’t get them. I see my GP in July and I am going to ask her what we can do together as a team for this pain. The meds I take daily is great about the “out of nowhere” pain. But I am not able to do everyday things without being in pain. I keep my house tidy, but am unable to do things like work in my flowerbed, to yard work, or even something as simple as laundry without breaking it up between three days.

Anyway… I’m going to need those vicodens, and I am glad to know they kill the pain. Tomorrow is livingroom, then Wednesday is bathrooms and laundry. Thursday will just be light touch up work. One of those days I am going to have to clean the back porch also, but that won’t take long.

It is important to combat the pain, because the pain causes me depression. Which well, is just not how I want to live my life.

2 thoughts on “Big Week (Part 1)”

  1. i heard fibro is bad. what meds do you take for the pain? do you take lyrica? dr. barry told me its normally used for pain. i use it for anxiety. have a great week girl. xoxo

    1. I take Savella. I was on Cymbalta which worked great, but it make me go crazy. I’m crazy enough, I don’t need to add to it! LOL

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