Tomorrow is Pdoc day!

I’m so excited! Tomorrow is Pdoc day! I think Dr. Gainer will be quite happy that the med increase is going good for the most part. I really want to talk to her about getting into some therapy to combat the depression since I recognize the pattern. I think therapy could help immensely with that.

Sad —-> depressed —-> guilt —-> self-loathing thoughts ——> suicidal thoughts    rinse, repeat for three days.


If I could just get past the guilt I think I would be ok. But that guilt really clings onto me and goes downhill quick from there. I think she will be happy that I have finally recognized my pattern and that I want to do something about it.

I just hope I don’t have to go on Free Clinic day, which would mean that I would have to get there as soon as they open, and sit and wait until a therapist is free to see me.

So I am super excited to go. I am a little nervous about my med refills. I am afraid they won’t be here in time for vacation, and I don’t have enough to last between now and the end of vacation.

I cleaned bathrooms today and did a quick load of laundry. I have another load I could do, but it is already incredibly hot in my house since in order to use the dryer I have to turn off the air condition. (We have central air, but we have needed a new unit for 5 years, so we are using window units until… well, probably forever to be honest.)

Tomorrow the in-laws arrive and then graduation day is FRIDAY!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Tomorrow is Pdoc day!”

  1. A lot of insurances allow you a few times a year that you can refill early. They realize that most people go on a vacation or two a year. Look into it, it will help your stress level. lol

    1. Problem is, I have a balance that is due, that I have to pay Friday. So, they wont fill my meds until the payment has been processed.
      Sometimes they deliver them quickly, sometimes not so much. That is the bummer of doing mail order.

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