Appt. Update

For the most part my appointment went well. But…. My pdoc is leaving the clinic! So now I will be seeing a Nurse Practitioner. I’m sad to see Dr. Gainer go. I’ve been seeing her for 2-3 years. I feel comfortable with her and can be open and honest with her and not feel afraid that I’m going to be admitted to the psych ward. Hopefully the Nurse will be just as good.

We talked about therapy and she was going to give me a referral, but the nurses were not in this morning, as I had an early appointment. So I will have to wait until August, which is when I go back again. UNLESS I get care on my own, which I might. She gave me a list of preferred doctors, and my old therapist is on there, so I may start seeing him again.

She was very happy to hear that I am off my sleeping meds, except when needed. She went ahead and faxed over ALL of my RX’s that she gives me, just so I don’t end up needing something and then not having it. Which I thought was great, however it is going to be a big Rx bill! But I really have to find a way to get over the anxiety I have of my medical stuff. I need to accept that this is the way it is, and I need to deal with it.

I have to change bed sheets for company and then do some touch up cleaning around the house. I’m proud that I got all my housework done without killing myself. It makes me feel accomplished.

We had some bad weather last night. Lots of tornadoes touched down, and a couple pretty close to my house. Thankfully we are ok and did not suffer any damage. We even watched on touch down on the tv weather last night. It was crazy! More bad weather expected today but hopefully no tornadoes.

I may be sporadically posting within the next few days since I will be super busy with company, appointments, and graduation. But I will post and read when I can.



2 thoughts on “Appt. Update”

  1. sorry to hear your psych doc is leaving, that is my worst nightmare that my wonderful dr. barry would leave and move jobs. I hope the new nurse is good. Wow tornados? Scary stuff, we dont get them in ireland. xxx

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