The Fat Lady Is Singing

Graduation weekend is officially over. The in-laws left a few hours ago. It was a nice visit. And what a great graduation gift to boot! They are paying for my son’s first year of college! I am so appreciative for that!

I managed to stay up past my bedtime the whole time the in-laws were here. I had to since we were sleeping out in the living room since we had them sleeping in our room. Going to bed late meant sleeping in until 9. I haven’t done either in forever. So I hope I haven’t screwed up my sleep schedule, I’ve got two more days of school to get kids through!

Tuesday I get my root canal done. I never though I would say it, but I’m looking forward to it. Tooth pain is ridiculous! I’m all out of my motrin so now I’m onto vicodin. No worries, it doesn’t make me high or weird feeling.

I had to go out and buy a new coffee maker this morning. My mother in-law broke our coffee maker somehow. I ended up getting another Mr. Coffee, it is nice and has a few more bells and whistles then our old one, but still just does the basic brewing of the coffee. I got it on sale and I also had a $10 coupon so I only ended up paying $34!

Moodwise I’ve been good. Not much in the way of anxiety which is great. I had to pay my balance on my medication from last month so hopefully they will send my psych meds SOON since we are leaving in 2 weeks for vacation and I will certainly need my anxiety meds since we are driving!

The weather here today is great! Not too hot, and there is a nice breeze. Makes it nice to do laundry, I have the a/c off so I can run the dryer, but I have the backdoor open and the livingroom window open for a cross breeze.

I am going to be researching therapists this week and seeing who is covered under my insurance and how many sessions are covered and how much they will be paying, and then when we get back from vacation I can call and make an appointment.


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